APPROACH: The “Every Walk You Take” (EWyT) project aims to promote an active and healthy aging process among the locals in Barcelona. This will be achieved through a uHealth platform that provides personalized healthy walking routes, considering user preferences and real-time information on air quality and climate. In addition, the platform will collect information from citizen scientists on barriers and facilitators for active living. This platform utilizes the Smart Framework to prioritize digital citizen science and achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) within the cohort under study. In collaboration with the DEPtH Lab, this project aims to develop an ethical digital solution for social innovation by prioritizing equity and amplifying the voices of disenfranchised citizens.

CONTEXT: Physical inactivity is expected to result in nearly 500 million new cases of non-communicable diseases by 2030, and EWyT aims to address this challenge by providing individuals with scientifically proven tools that facilitate the development of healthy aging and the prevention of noncommunicable diseases. The project is particularly focused on the most vulnerable populations and is part of the Smart City movement in Barcelona, which aims to use technology to create a more livable and resilient city.

COHORT: The EWyT pilot study will recruit 15 citizen scientists, men and women aged 55 to 79 years, from different socio-economic backgrounds and neighborhoods in Barcelona. These individuals will install the EWyT mobile app on their smartphones and explore the healthy routes proposed by the app. They will also take pictures of barriers and facilitators for an active living and describe those pictures using an audio recording.

PROCESS: The EWyT uHealth platform will be co-created and tested in a pilot study managed by a stakeholder community. The platform will provide personalized healthy walking routes based on user preferences, real-time information on air quality and climate, and feedback from citizen scientists on barriers and facilitators for active living. This platform utilizes the Smart Framework to allow citizen scientists to actively contribute to all aspects of the pilot study, which will assess the impact of the platform on health literacy, population empowerment, and the reduction of health inequities. The project aims to foster collective intelligence and encourage advances in the public health sector.

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