APPROACH: Smart Adults was the foundational pilot that provided vital evidence to scale up the Smart Platform. Based on the evidence generated from Smart Adult pilots, we have expanded the Smart Platform to youth in urban, rural, and remote areas..

CONTEXT: Smart Adults was initially implemented in the cities of Regina and Saskatoon, Canada. Based on preliminary results, we have obtained ethics approval to scale this up across the globe.

COHORT: In 2017 and 2018, we engaged with adult citizen scientists across the life course to test various aspects of the Platform, from citizen engagement and compliance strategies to real-time assessments and interventions. The big data collected included both qualitative and quantitative components as well as mobile sensor-based data that captured behaviours and outcomes in real-time.

PROCESS: We developed a deep understanding of evidence-based approaches that apply to various adult cohorts (18-35; 36-65; >65) in terms of recruitment, retention, continuous engagement, and data management, and sovereignty, which are critical factors for the success of digital health innovations.